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20 Epic Husband Fails That Are Unbelievably Hilarious

Some women will tell you that their husbands could never be trusted – not even with the simplest of chores. While such a claim sounds like a bad example of awful stereotyping, the compilation of photos you will see below will indeed attest that, yes, some guys might be really, really stupid.

Well, either that or they might just be trying to troll their wives very hard! Scroll down and check out these hilariously-epic husband fails:

#1. Your Husband Presents… The Shopping List.

This husband was asked to make a shopping list. So much win!

#2. Goggly Eyes Everywhere!

Imagine the wife’s surprise as she came home to this one night.

#3. Spaghetti On The Stove.

This is what happens when a wife tells her husband to put some spaghetti on the stove so she can cook it when she got home. He took it literally.

#4. Spider Cat.

His wife overheard him singing “Spider Cat, Spider Cat Does Whatever A Spider Cat Can.” The cat’s expression says everything!

#5. Bathroom Note.

Not sure if this is ridiculous or romantic. Probably both?

#6. Six Potatoes.

Husband was asked to buy six potatoes and this is what he got.

#7. Baby Man!

Wife leaves the husband and baby alone for an hour and then discovers this.

#8. Naming A Puppy.

Now that’s an awesome puppy name!

#9. Eye Cover.

An economical sleeping gear.

#10. Hanging A Mirror.

“I am 5’1″. I asked my 6’2″ husband to hang a mirror for me.”

#11. Labels.

Wife buys a label maker and her husband uses it for this.

#12. A Trip To The Grocery.

Wife asks husband to go for a quick store trip. Apparently, there was an ice cream sale.

#13. New Clothes.

Husband buys new clothes for his daughter. Now she looks like Kid Rock!

#14. Fridge Poem.

Epic poetry fail!

#15. Packing a Lunch.

Not so subtle, man. Not so subtle… And I’m not even talking about the 20 bucks!

#16. The Apple Pie.

Husband helps to do the lattice and this is what happens.

#17. Watching The Baby.

Whoever said watching the baby couldn’t be fun?

#18. Fancy Feast.

This husband packed a lunch for his wife. How would this ever go well with her afternoon coffee?

#19. Wrapping A Gift.

Is it a ball? A bike? I could never guess!

#20. Bathroom Surprise.

Trekkie spotted!

Got any funny husband fails to share? Hit us up in the comment section!

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