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8 Funny Farewell Cakes For Employees Who Quit Their Jobs

Saying goodbye to your workmates can be a bittersweet experience. You might hate your job but you’d always miss associating with people you’ve become best of buddies with. It would, of course, make leaving a little easier, and a hell lot funnier, if they gave you one of these hilarious farewell cakes.

Most of their messages are plain and simple – Go ahead and leave! See if we care!

Go check out the photos below and have a good laugh.

#1. For the leaving programmer.

#2. "Did you mean: Congratulations Traitor"?

#3. When you're working at a vet office…

#4. Yeah… Why?!

#5. Now that's just cold. LOL!

#6. Since this is your last day, might as well be honest with you.

#7. Won't waste time beating around the bush. I have 4 letters for you!

#8. You've been warned, James. You've been warned.

I don’t know about you but that zombie cake is absolutely my favorite.

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