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8 Hilarious Makeup Memes That Are Way Too Real

Makeup products can make or break a person’s look. When applied correctly, they can dramatically transform a person’s appearance and self-confidence. Improper application, however, can be embarrassing and humiliating. It can make anyone want to hide for the rest of her life.

And to give you the perfect example, we’ve rounded up the best beauty memes that are taking over the internet. Here’s a really hilarious makeup meme collection that’s guaranteed to crack you up.

Getting Half Way Thru The Contouring Tutorial

Girls Be Like

How Girl’s Look When They Take Off

How To Do A Smokey Eye In 8 Simple Steps

I Have No Idea

I Like My Eyelashes As Black As My Soul

I’ll Just Do A Thin Wing Today

I’m Just Going To Go Over This Eye One More Time

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