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8 Memes About Red Lipstick, Nudes, And More

Makeup is an essential for many modern women. It makes them feel confident about their looks. For some, it’s like an armor against the world.

Red lipstick, in particular, feels particularly empowering. It makes you feel like one badass female who can fight through anything the world decides to pit against you everyday.

Yet what can be a source of confidence can also be quite trying. Scroll through these lipstick memes and see if you can relate.

What You Think You Look Like

Bitches Be Like

Black Lipstick

When You’ve Been Daydrinking Since Noon

Uses Lipstick

Eating Food With Lipstick On

When You Find

When You Reapply You Lipstick

So what these lipstick memes taught us today is tell a friend if she’s got lipstick on her teeth the next time.

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