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This Artist Creates The Most Hilarious Cat Comics And They Are Too Accurate

As a cat owner myself, I know what a handful pets can be.

Cats especially. While other animals like dogs and birds are relatively vocal and obvious about how they feel, cats pretend that it’s a total coincidence that they’re sitting on your face right at that moment. They act like it’s a total coincidence that they’re in the same room as you half the time, and that makes them… Complicated. So, an artist, Scott, started making comics of them, and you can tell by the content, that he’s had a lot of experience.

#1 Running around the house.

#2 Didn’t get off the counter.

#3 Knock off the mug.

#4 Barf in her shoe.

#5 Butt in your face.

#6 Cards for humans.

#7 Cat Christmas Songs.

#8 Five hour lethargy.

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She drew a wickedly funny caricature of the teacher.

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