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7 New Comics From Brutus And Pixie Creators To Fill You Up With Life

Pixie and Brutus sure are a lovely bunch.

And it seems that I’m not the only one who thinks that since the artist of these comics have earned a lot of fans; which is entirely understandable! After all, who doesn’t like a headstrong German Shepard and a little but very energetic kitty?

It might seem like an unlikely companionship, but it surprisingly works out perfectly, and we have Bed Hed to thank for that. While seven comics don’t look like much and might not satisfy your need for Brutus and Pixie, the artists have great news for the comics fans.

You see, they will be launching Brutus and Pixie merch soon. And I would love to cuddle up to a pixie plushie.

That book sure seems high.

That really is very cool.

Who can break the dreams that are housed in those eyes?

Safety is the number one thing.

That is honestly very high.

There were just a few steps left.

A new character perhaps?

Hugo seems like a good chap.

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