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8 Funniest And Most Creative Epitaphs You Will Ever See

Epitaphs are like the last message our deceased loved ones leave us. It can also be the other way around, such as the words and messages we want to convey to them as they rest in peace. There are those common epitaph messages such as “You shall be dearly missed” or “In God’s time we shall meet again” etc.. and perhaps reading these lines when we visit their resting place brings solace or comfort.

But then there are those epitaph messages that instead of giving the visitor peace and solemnity, it might illicit laughter or curiosity instead! See for yourself actual tombstones with the funniest messages, and even the most creative decorations!

John must have been really loved by his friends! Look at that lovely message.

We must admit this is clever. This epitaph can be found at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada belonging to John Laird McCaffrey, who died in 1995 at the age of 54. Beautiful message, hilarious hidden acrostic!

Justin’s friends following in on the trend.

Just when you thought they were highlighting all of Justin’s best qualities… oh shit.

I bet more internet and technology-themed epitaphs are to come, such as the overused, “Now Signing off, XXXXX”

Though, did Andersen panicked too much and died from loss of internet connection? Hmmm death from not having Wi-Fi for three days may be a common underlying cause of death in the future!

Share this article to all your friends or else….!

This epitaph may have been just made for the laughs, or maybe not… we’ll never know.

“I will not be right back after this message” Ummm thanks!

This is the actual tombstone of gameshow and talk show host Merv Griffin, who almost always says “We’ll be right back after this message” on commercial breaks.

Because sometimes, bacon is all the true love there is!

This may be a joke and not an actual tombstone, but still it is funny stumbling along something like this! Only bacon lovers will know the pain of being departed from bacon forever.

Has anyone tried this recipe? It’s not Kay’s cause of death is it?

I totally want a cool one like this, but iPhone or Samsung-themed!

This one’s clever. Well played indeed!

Everytime a loved one visits, they might have to be forced to communicate to the dead via Ouija!

This is how you send off a Scrabble player!

This one is really creative and the dead sure will appreciate that they immortalized him in his favorite game. This is found in a Jesuit graveyard in Estancia Caroya, Cordoba, Argentina and has since been a favorite amongst other Scrabblers.

Guess what is Mike’s most favorite thing in the world.

Aside from the fact people will remember him through his hobby, I must say everyone might be in awe by the artistry on this one. Now I’m jealous and maybe wants a laptop-themed headstone, or one with a bottle of wine…

Sorry buddy, game over!

This may be a conceptual tombstone but it is very creative for gamers especially Mario lovers out there!

Coincidentally funny, or did he really beat his wife… hmm makes you think!

We understand that the Spanks- Arthur and his wife Katherine both lay in the place… but the way the layout was done suggests some other things! 😀

Kinda makes you curious why the baby was monikered a monster no?

I knew it! Death is but a conspiracy theory!

And then there were those who we thought were just joking 🙁

And apparently there were many of them!

Oh quite the ladies’ man eh? Well tough luck on life though.

What do you think of these awesome tombstones? That sure is one way to depart from this world and have our loved ones remember us. How will you design yours?

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