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Anti-Christ Memes On The Rise As Donald Trump Declares Himself The 'Chosen One'

Donald Trump is many things, a reality TV Star, a billionaire, a playboy, and even the god damn President, but if you ask him, he'll tell you that's he's also the 'Chosen One' (to work out a trade deal with China). 

During a press conference today before getting on his choppa, biz-pres, declared himself the chosen one. This just one day after he said something about being the King of Israel, or the King of the Jews, with his comments about "bad-jews" who vote for Democrats. 

So in response, many people quickly got the hashtag #anti-christ trending on Twitter. We don't give a shit, either way, let him be the chosen one, or let him be the anti-christ, just please vote for a candidate who will stop war and help American's get out of debt. 

Here are some of the best memes and reactions: 

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