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12 Green And Leafy Obama Portrait Memes

Dropping by for some Barack Obama portrait memes?

When the Obamas had their portraits revealed at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, they probably didn’t expect their pictures to be internet-famous. Perhaps it was the overly leafy background, or maybe it’s the site of Obama seemingly floating in a sea of foliate and flowers. Whichever the case, many people took to the internet to show what they really thought of the former president’s portrait.

We actually think it’s not so bad. It’s definitely unforgettable.

Check out these Barack Obama portrait memes and see how people can get so creative.


Nada Allergies

Just Fine


Something’s Not Right

A Welcome Guest

 Sneak 100

Sneak 200

Perfect Fit

What Big Hands You Have!

Garden of Drones

Obama X Homer

Which was your favorite Barack Obama portrait meme?

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