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15 Squidward Memes For When The World Is Out To Get You

If you need some memes for a colleague or friend who is on the grumpy side, then what you need are Squidward memes.

Squidward Tentacles or known more simply as Squidward is Spongebob’s ill-tempered and hotheaded octopus neighbor. He’s not the best role model by any means but Bikini Bottom just won’t be complete without this miserable Scrooge.

Check out these somewhat relatable Squidward memes.

Fifth’s The Charm

All That’s Left

Motivation Out the Window

Really Tho?
Class Groupworks
Homework Feels
Gotta Hide It
Can’t Ever Win
Always Go for C

The Worst Possible OutcomeSnapchat Filter
Instant Panic
Mind Block
Somehow Works Out
They’re Out to Get Ya

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