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20 Must-Have Emojis For Your Chat Arsenal

This emoji memes article is the bomb.

First off, you can find the unexpected meanings to some of your common emoticons. Just like in a suspense movie, you’ll be surprised that these seemingly regular emotes have other meanings, too!

Second, you’ll pick up on some emojis that you wish you had on your phone. Why? Because they’re the perfect expression.

Now don’t waste time and check out these funny emoji memes.

Shades of Grey

Another Cup of Coffee
Change It Just a Bit
Daisy Who
Damn Daniel
Real Life Emoji

Another Real Life Emoji Found

Wait, It’s Not?
Howdy, Partner
Emoji Imitation
Meme Overload
The Scariest Emoji
Start Laughing
Need This Emoji

That’s a Square

The Time Has Come
Who Am I? *^*

Don’t forget your meme-stealing license when saving some of our emoji memes!

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