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21 Captain Obvious Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Have you ever called somebody Captain Obvious? Have YOU ever been called Captain Obvious?

Captain Obvious is a sarcastic term for people who are being so laughably obvious. It’s a reference to the superhero captain America but with the “obvious” twist.

With our Captain Obvious meme collection, you can now call out your friends with funny memes instead. Start saving these memes now!

Yeah, that’s an orange

Blue skies

Thank you captain obvious

Water is wet

Did you know?

What cat isn’t?

A balanced diet is food

Guns don’t kill people

He strikes once again

Captain obvious works now for the press

His works never ends

Homosexuals are gay

I can see you looking at me

You don’t say

He works with the FDA

People die when they are killed

There is water on the road when it rains

Thanks captain obvious

One heck of a headline

If you enjoyed these Captain Obvious memes and find some of them to be obviously funny, take some of your favorites and share them on social media!

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