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22 Fun Not Fun Summer Memes

Summer’s here! It’s the time to show off our sexy bod, sip margaritas by the pool and get a glorious tan. It’s sunshine, unicorn inflatables and dashing lifeguards.

Or so you thought!

Summer can also be excruciating heat, melting cats, sweat, and sunburn.

Melting this summer? Here have a hot summer meme.

When You Only Want AC

You Know It’s Summer When

So Far Away

Pool GoT


I’m Melting, Thanks

What I Really Do

Hell On Earth

Makeup In Summer

It’s Summer

Ice Me

The Cat Is Melting!

Night Shift Woes

That Hot

Hot And Cold

Blessed Relief

Expectation vs Reality

I Never Burn

It Begins

Pigs In The Bahamas

Everything Is Sweating

What I Do During Summer Pie Graph

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