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21 Reasons Why Your Period May Be Late (If You'Re Definitely Not Pregnant!)

As much as we hate periods and they quite often cause us pain and misery, it is sometimes nice to see mother nature doing is doing its job and your body is ticking along nicely. So when your menstrual cycle isn't regular or your period doesn't appear, it can be a bit worrying. 

If you're trying for a baby, a missed period is likely to make you assume you've been successful. But what happens if you've done a pregnancy test and it is negative?

Perhaps you know you can't be pregnant because you've just had a baby and are wondering why your periods haven't gone back to normal.

If you have missed a period but you're definitely not pregnant, there are lots of other less obvious factors or medical reasons that might be causing your late period...

21 reasons why your period might be late:

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