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Help! I’Ve Been Nauseated For A Week Now And Now Now Back Is Starting To Hurt Constantly Lower

Help! I’Ve been nauseated for a week now and now Now back is starting to hurt constantly lower back and im super tired constantly! Should i test im not due for my period until next month also slight pain Start to day by My belly button! Not Bad like cramps
PICTURE IS NOT MINE ITS SO I DONT GET LOOKED OVER! Please guys any advice is appreciated!

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  • SFBLSP_Burundi


    2020-02-11 16:47:06

    Yes, they say you should wait until you're one or two weeks late for your period to take a test

  • kay crego

    kay crego

    2020-02-19 16:15:34

    Took it the next morning it was negative

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