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Another Painful Cycle Has Begun Physically And Mentally 😐 I Am Young But That Doesn’t Make

Another painful cycle has begun Physically and mentally 😐 i am young but that doesn’t make me Desire a baby less. I am so ready to go on that path . #PrayingforBabyDust #SpreadingBabyDust

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  • Emma Claire

    Emma Claire

    2020-02-03 15:35:51

    mamas, don't stress it! it'll happen. when you're not thinking about it, one day you'll take a test & there'll be a positive. it happened to me! my ex & i were together 2 years and we tried but never got pregnant. we broke up and i met someone new and now im 3 weeks!!! its gonna happen.

  • Breanna


    2020-02-11 16:31:48

    best wishes to you~

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