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I Need Advice My Period Is Late I Took A Pregnancy Test And It Was Negative And Last Month My

I need advice my period is late I took a pregnancy test and it was negative and last month my period was late too does anyone have any suggestions what's wrong with me

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  • Carmel El Bey

    Carmel El Bey

    2020-01-28 03:20:31

    When did u conceive or have sex or u trying to conceive?

  • Amy Duran

    Amy Duran

    2020-01-28 12:34:53

    we are trying but my period has just been out of wack and my period have always been regular

  • Amy Duran

    Amy Duran

    2020-01-28 13:55:04

    well I was going based on the calendar on it's estimated ovulation time

  • JT


    2020-02-11 16:21:38

    Baby dust to you~

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