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The One Thing 72 Percent Of Women Need To Have Amazing Sex

If you’re like most women, you probably need more than penetrative sex to get you off: Your mood, relationship, and, of course, clitoral stimulation also come into play. Now, a new study is confirming that fact.

Researchers also did a deep dive into what kind of genital stimulation women liked, and there was a pretty broad range: touching in a rhythmic motion (81.7 percent of women said they preferred that), a motion that circles the clitoris (78.3 percent), switching between different patterns (76 percent), switching between intense and less intense motions (75.8 percent), and slowing things down to make the pleasure last longer (73.6 percent) were all favourites. Also worth noting: Less than one in five women said longer sex is better.

 The majority of women also said that their orgasms are way better when their partner spends time to build their arousal, when their partner knows what they like, when they have emotional intimacy with their partner, and when they have clitoral stimulation during sex.

Basically, the women made it clear that outercourse (or all that fun stuff that happens beyond intercourse) is pretty damn important when it comes to getting them off. Unfortunately, all of those factors are often relegated to foreplay (if they’re even included at at all) and then forgotten about once things really get moving. Clearly, that’s not doing you—or your sex life—any favours.

Botton line: Talk to your partner about what does and doesn’t work for you in bed, and make sure that clitoral play occurs throughout sex—not just in the beginning. If your partner needs a little more direct instruction, cover their hand with yours during sex and guide them through the motions that feel good to you. And, if all else fails, don’t hesitate to take matters into your own hands—literally.

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