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My Cycle Is Between 28-32 Days Since Coming Off Depo A Year Ago , I Started Haven Normally Periods

my cycle is between 28-32 days since coming off depo a year ago , i started haven normally periods again since June 2019 coming every 32 days i started spotting only when i wipe on January 13 -16/17 on and off. Thought nothing of it maybe just rough sex. Being as tho my period wasnt due till January 27. I usually get my period with my fmu but instead i started my period 2pm January 27 bright and dark red later going pink brown over the hours going back to bright red dark red and pink on an off my period has always been 5 days my bleeding lasted 3 days!

did i have ovulation bleeding then my period or ovulation bleeding then implantion bleeding ? please help

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  • Dzawua comfort

    Dzawua comfort

    2020-02-20 09:09:10

    I don't know but is implantation bleeding supposed to be this heavy and longlasting?

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