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It Was A Good Flow I'M 12 So I Went To 6th Grade And School Is 7 Hours So Had 1 Tampon Those. 7

It was a good flow I'm 12 so I went to 6th grade and school is 7 hours so had 1 tampon those. 7 hours came back home changed like at 4 pm and so I have a very little flow but ya its 7 pm now and it's going pretty well after reading all those cramps story's now my stomach hurts dad is making hotdogs this morning he made pancakes but ya .#AdviceForYoungGirls #HelpMe #PeriodTalk ,

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  • Emerson West

    Emerson West

    2020-02-06 00:50:25

    I’m here, I just started this months cycle and I have KILLER cramps right now too!

  • Natascha Ortiz

    Natascha Ortiz

    2020-02-20 09:19:21

    Sweetie, don't leave a tampon in your body for more than 4 hours, please. Not trying to scare you but in the worst case you might get TTS.

  • Sofia Orozco

    Sofia Orozco

    2020-02-21 21:09:12

    I just started so it a very low flow and what is tts

  • Sofia Orozco

    Sofia Orozco

    2020-02-21 21:09:23

    jajaja ya

  • Perpetual Kahindo

    Perpetual Kahindo

    2020-03-05 03:04:12

    its TSS, Toxic Shock Syndrome. if you leave a tampon in for a long time the blood creates a bacteria that kills you

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