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Ladies, Helppp!!! My Last Menstrual Cycle Was Last Year Around October 31st. And It Lasted Until

Ladies, helppp!!! My last menstrual cycle was last year around October 31st. And it lasted until the 4th of November. Normally my cycle last 7 days but it didn’t seem like a normal cycle because the flow stayed very light or medium. Which I found a little odd but hey I was complaining or worried much. So in December I only spotted for like a day or two. I’ve been very bloated, hungry & tired a lot here lately. It is now February 1st and these last couple of days I have been experiencing spotting again it’s a little different from last month though. It started around Monday or Tuesday when my & my husband was intimate. The whole day I was good didn’t really notice anything when I wiped. Until later that night like I stated we were intimate and after I finished I noticed some light bleeding when I was cleaning up. I put a panty liner and went to bed woke up nothing on the liner. So I go to wipe and I notice some spotting. Later on I go to use the restroom again and no spotting this time. I’m really confused at this point is to what’s going on because it’s been like this for the last past couple of days now. Should I be worried???#HelpMe#AmIPregnant#AwkwardPeriodStories

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  • Gaby Garibaldo

    Gaby Garibaldo

    2020-02-03 19:00:44

    Have you taken a test? Make a drs appointment and if your test are coming out negative most likely you’re not pregnant. Talk to your dr and ask for blood work to be done

  • Zazynii D.

    Zazynii D.

    2020-02-20 09:17:22

    Hi, there, any update? Best wishes

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