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Well First Off I Want Start Off By Saying I Need Help.My Period Came On Dec 1 And Dec 30 Of 2019.I

well first off I want start off by saying I need period came on dec 1 and dec 30 of 2019.i have a 28 day cycle that last 5days never here I'm waiting for my period to come in Jan 27 2020 no period I've been cramping like it wants to come on so I wear a pad thing it will start well guys no it never came not even on the today is now February 1 2020 time is 1:24 am cramps no period the cramps don't last long .my sis told me my period was just switching.but to miss a whole period for 5 day don't sound like guys Monday the February 3 I will take a tell me what y'all think .I'm 34 with no kids so I don't know.

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  • Jodi Hartley

    Jodi Hartley

    2020-02-20 09:14:32

    Best wishes

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