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3 Women Tried Different Vagina Pumps — This Is What They Thought

The term vagina pump is actually a misnomer: “You don’t pump the vagina, more the vulva,” explains Dr Elna Rudolph, medical doctor, sexologist and clinical head of My Sexual Health. (Biology lesson: the vagina is the tube leading from your external genitals to the cervix of your uterus, not just everything that sits between your legs.)

To use a pump, you place the cup (which looks remarkably like an oxygen mask!) over the vulva, making sure to create a seal (it is advised that you use lubricant to help with the sealing part). You then use the attached pump to suction out any air, which creates a vacuum, which, in turn, leads to the lips and clitoris being filled with blood and appearing swollen.

Why do this, you ask? Because the effects mimic what happens when you become aroused and can intensify your sensation during sex. Some people also use pumps in their BDSM play. “It’s part of normal arousal to become swollen,” says Rudolph. “Some people like the swollen look (mainly because they see it in porn and find it erotic) and some women use it to enhance their sensation – you basically artificially create arousal by pulling blood into your genitals.” Long-term use of a pump could also lead to improved sensation overall since using a pump encourages more blood flow.

“The intense pleasure will last only as long as you keep the pump on. The swelling might last up to a day, but it typically disappears within an hour or so. You might have a pleasant sensation from the swelling too, in which case the pleasure lasts after removing the pump,” says Rudolph.

While pain will usually prevent you from harming yourself, Rudolph cautions those who use pumps as part of their BDSM play: “You could push yourself beyond your pain barrier, in which case you could damage the tissue by overfilling it with blood.” Women who suffer from skin conditions should use with caution, as well as postmenopausal women who are not taking local oestrogen because their skin isn’t very elastic and might tear, explains Rudolph.

Three women tested three different pumps. Here’s what they thought:

1/ Exciting Vibrating Sucker, R684,

I have the sex drive of a teenage boy and am always up for trying new things, so I jumped at our sex ed’s offer to test a toy I hadn’t ever considered, never mind even heard of… The low-down: the Exciting Vibrating Sucker is a combo pump and vibrator. The promise: mega blood flow. Engorged clitoris (excellent for you). Enlarged vulva (candy for him). Heightened sensitivity and ultra-intense orgasms. Win-win.

So, I was keen, but there was a small predicament, or two. First, my bf is out of town. I figured that would be okay, though, because this little gadget promises good solo times with its detachable bullet vibe (plus seven levels of hum – yes!). Cool. Ready. But then there was the technical side… I’m randy as sin, but my randiness relies heavily on not having to think too hard about what I’m doing – and initially I just couldn’t figure out how to use the thing. Plus: All that pumping, for a lazy lover like me, felt like work. My BF will definitely be in charge of that in future 🙂

But, on the major plus: once I’d figured out how to position it to create a proper vacuum and thought about how turned on my guy would be by the process and results, it was all good. Actually, it was REALLY good. My guy is in for a happy surprise… Recommended for adventurous couples.

2/ Bad Kitty Vagina Pump, R502,

I’ve enjoyed using a few sex toys during my time, but this was the first time I’d ever seen, let alone used, a vagina pump. To start, the sheer size of the pump is quite daunting – it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be – but I quickly realised that it has to be that big in order to cover your whole, ahem, “area” and create the vacuum you need in order for the pump to work.

After slathering myself and the cup with lube, I give it a try – with my boyfriend watching apprehensively next to me. It takes a bit of manoeuvring and trial and error to get into a comfortable position, but I work ed out that it is much more comfortable for me to put my legs together once the cup in in the place – otherwise the sides of the cup dug into those weird tendon things in my groin.

As soon as I started squeezing the little pump that’s attached to the cup, the pressure began to build – and I was surprised at how quickly it did. It took a moment or two for me to get used to the sensation, but once I did, it was actually quite pleasant – intense and tingly. I pumped a few times and then just enjoyed the sensation of the vacuum, before taking it off.

My boyfriend and I engaged in a bit of foreplay, then I used the pump again before we had sex. The whole area was definitely a lot more sensitive and the sex was more intense – having my boyfriend watch me while I used the pump definitely added to the intensity.

I’m interesting in using the pump again, I think the more relaxed and natural I become with it, the more pleasure I will be able to derive from it. I’m definitely keen to explore and see how my body reacts.

3/ Clit Kiss, R388,

This fairly small and inoffensive contraption is meant to be used for nipple and/or clitoris stimulation, but I’ve only used it for the latter. It fits fairly easily over your clitoral area and then the aim is to squeeze the pump manually so that it creates a suction over the clitoris, swelling the area slightly and making it more sensitive.

After 10 or so pumps I could already feel a difference. I continued using it – simply repeating the pump-action motion – for a couple more minutes. My skin started getting more tingly and the entire clitoral area became more and more sensitive, so much so, that I actually orgasmed from the sensation.

It felt quite different to usual masturbation, which is a lot more, erm, hands on, because unlike a gradual build-up, it hits you pretty suddenly. Naturally, I was very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, when receiving oral sex, it takes a while before you get properly aroused and close to orgasm. I would recommend getting your partner to use this first and then they can take over with their tongue.

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