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6 Sex Positions That Make Doing It In The Shower Fun — Not Treacherous

Do you know what I hate? Having to get up early and haul my butt out of bed and stand naked in the cold bathroom, waiting for the water to heat up before wedging my shivering body under the stream. Do you know what improves this odious process tenfold? Having a partner hop in there with me, for human blanket companionship and also shower sex.

Whether you require incentives to maintain your bathing habits, you’re staying with friends and want to be discreet, or you’re merely looking to do your part to conserve water by sudsing up two at a time — shower sex presents an extremely solid option.

Trouble is, the slippery setting makes it hard to assume, let alone maintain, more complicated positions. Anyone who’s ever taken a spill in the shower knows precisely how big a production that can be: You claw at the shower curtain trying to regain some traction on an impossibly slick surface; the curtain comes crashing down, sending shampoo bottles flying everywhere; and you sit sulkily on your bruised tailbone with soap in your eyes. Too dramatic?

Anyway, all that said, shower sex doesn’t have to be treacherous. In fact, it remains among the steamiest types of sex there is. And we have a few suggestions on how to do it safely. Here are the top six recs for the best shower sex ever.

Rear Entry Standing

This position appeals because not only does it promise high-level G-spot stimulation — that’s what rear entry is all about, friends — it also allows for maximum stability.

With both your and your partner’s feet planted firmly on the shower floor (shoulder-width apart, people!), turn away from your companion and lean into the wall, pressing your palms against it and tilting your butt upward and out. Your partner enters you from behind, thrusting with their hands anchored on your hips, breasts, clit, whatever.

Amp it up with a waterproof, hands-free vibrator like the Rock Chick 7 Speed Clitoral and G Spot Vibrator with Removeable Bullet.

Seated Rear Entry

Are you lucky/fancy enough to have one of those seat-shelves in your shower? Great, now put it to use. Have your partner sit on the bench with feet rooted to the floor. Facing away, sit on their lap straddling them in a sort of modified reverse cowgirl. As you pump up and down, your hands are free to play with your clit or any other erogenous zones. Or, consider having your partner hold your wrists so you can lean forward and ride at an angle.

Face Off

Here’s another, similar position to make use of that shower seat: the Face Off. With your partner sitting down, straddle them facing forward with your knees and/or shins on the bench for leverage. Grind against your partner, bracing the wall for balance if need be. The pressure his pubic bone puts on your clitoris should feel pretty damn stimulating indeed.

Upstanding Citizen

This position might also be easiest with a shower shelf seat, but that’s not completely necessary. With your back pressed against the wall, have your partner enter you from the front: You can wrap both your legs around their waist or, if that’s too slippery for this particular situation, try dropping one foot to the floor and leaving one lifted.

Ballet Dancer

For another fun front-facing position (that requires a little less balance on your partner’s end), the ballet dancer position is a great option.

With your partner standing and positioned to enter you from the front, bring one leg up to brace against the edge of the bath or your shower wall for extra support and thrusting leverage. The change in angle adds a stimulating twist to a shower standard, and the added sensation of warm water on your back definitely doesn’t hurt.

Oral Sex

Penis-in-vagina sex isn’t the end-all-be-all of any sexual encounter, and the shower can be an especially fun place to go down on one another, what with the temperatures and the water pressure and the slidey sensations and everything. Try incorporating a waterproof vibrator to tease your partner’s sensitive spots: the perineum, nipples, scrotum, labia, prostate, clit.

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