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Menstruating In The Ocean: Shark Bait..?

Most animals have a better sense of smell than humans. Especially when it concerns blood. Does this make it dangerous to do outdoor activities such as swimming or hiking when you are on your period?

Menstruating women in the Komodo National Park (Indonesia) should watch out. Komodo dragons have an amazing sense of smell and park rangers claim the scent of menstrual blood makes the animals aggressive. Women who have their period are advised to inform the guide and not participate in the walks around the island.

Another animal keen on menstrual blood is the brown tree snake. Research proves the snakes are very interested in used tampons. These animals are native to the South Pacific and are considered a pest on the island Guam. So if you’re on holiday there during your menstruation, make sure to not carry used tampons around.

Shark bait?
If walking on your period already isn’t safe in certain places, then how about swimming? A Russian tampon commercial shows a woman being attacked by a shark. Why? She wasn’t wearing the right tampons. Funny, but not entirely true. Yes, blood attracts sharks. But apart from (menstrual) blood, sharks can also smell sweat and urine. So a shark will smell humans anyway. And see them as well.

No added worries if you plan on diving with sharks while menstruating. Also other dangerous animals such as lions and bears aren’t especially attracted to menstrual blood. So no extra risks when going on safari in the great outdoors either. However, if you’re not keen on participating in these activities, ‘I’m on my period’ still makes for a great excuse.

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