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Barbie On Her Period

No joke: the new Period Party accessory kit for dolls includes pads, a pair of panties and a menstrual calendar.

The Period Party accessory kit is meant for the Lamilly Doll: a doll with a normal body which resembles that of the average woman. This should give girls a better self-image than most other fashion dolls. The body proportions of the classic Barbie for example, with a tiny waist, long legs and D cup breasts, are virtually impossible. In real life, she’d be forced to walk on all fours because of her tiny ankles and children’s sized feet. Not really catwalk material.

The anatomically correct Barbie is designed by the American Nickolay Lamm. Now, the doll has become even more realistic: with a Period Party accessory kit. This consists of colourful pads and liners stickers, a pair of panties, a menstrual calendar and an educational pamphlet. Because it’s never too early for education.

Lamilly Doll $ 25, Period Party $ 10. Order it via

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