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Toxic Tampon (2): Dioxins?

They contain toxins and cause TSS. At least, that’s what rumours say. Are tampons really that dangerous or do people make a big fuss about nothing? Period investigates the matter, based on a Patient Alert of the American Food and Drug Association (FDA), the organisation that’s responsible for protecting and promoting public health.  

The allegation: tampons contain dioxins Tampons would contain dioxins, chemicals that are linked to cancer and that are left behind when the tampons are bleached with chlorine (to ensure the white colour). The body is unable to get rid of the harmful dioxins by itself, which is another cause of concern.

The FDA says: too little dioxins to be a health risk ‘State-of-the art testing of tampons and tampon materials has shown that dioxin levels are at or below the detectable limit (approximately 0.1 to 1 parts per trillion). This exposure is many times less than normally present in the body from other environmental sources, so no risk to health would be expected from these trace amounts. Also, material for tampons is now produced using chlorine-free bleaching processes, with for example hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent.’

Period! adds: even a little is too much Dioxins are very toxic; you don’t want them in your body. Even not in tiny trace amounts. And especially not anywhere near your vagina, where the skin is more permeable and sensitive than other body parts. Seeing as your body can’t break down the dioxins, they accumulate with every tampon you use. On average, a woman uses about 13.000 tampons in her life, which is quite a lot.

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