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I'M Currently Late For My Period. We Last Had Unprotected Sex On January 4th & I Took The PlanB

I'm currently late for my period. We last had unprotected sex on January 4th & I took the PlanB pill that same day (package said the earlier you take it the better). I got my period a couple weeks later but now In February, I was supposed to start this week. I'm now showing 2-3 days late for my period. We have been using condoms when we get intimate but there are times where I use his member to rub against mine, no penetration. Is it possible to still get pregnant this way? Am I still at risk for pregnancy from the first time we had unprotected sex?

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  • Marissa Otto

    Marissa Otto

    2020-03-31 03:32:57

    Hey girl I’m here to help you out a little bit when I took plan B for the first time I didn’t get my period the expected time either I got it a week later when I was suppose to get it. I took a plan B 4 days before my period so I got my period that month but the next month I didn’t it was a week late I hope I’m not confusing you or anything ❤️ but you probably just canceled out your ovulation but it should come ❤️

  • Candace Honeywood

    Candace Honeywood

    2020-04-23 04:05:05

    Thank you! It did end up coming, just really late. Thank you for your help & reassurance!

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