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So It'S Been Two Days And I Havent Gotten My Period An I Know I'M Not Pregnant Because I Have Lost

so it's been two days and I havent gotten my period an I know I'm not pregnant because I have lost my virginity because I'm only 13 and obviously I'm shocked can you women please give me an explanation I'm confused.

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  • Jessica Lopez

    Jessica Lopez

    2020-02-20 06:06:25

    I got pregnant when I lost my virginity

  • Evelyn-Lynette Jones

    Evelyn-Lynette Jones

    2020-02-21 16:47:40

    Stress can be a factor, or your cycle may be off due to a number of things. Diet, pheromones, irregularity.. I would suggest talking to a school counselor or a doctor if you don’t get it soon. Best of Luck!

  • Marissa Otto

    Marissa Otto

    2020-02-24 04:50:21

    It’s probably bc your only 13 girl and your body just isn’t used to having a period yet since your still young ❤️ try not to stress girl that can delay it good luck 🤍

  • Timberly Lozano

    Timberly Lozano

    2020-03-08 00:03:24

    periods are sometimes naturally delayed dont worry about it

  • Scarlet Bloodsborne

    Scarlet Bloodsborne

    2020-03-13 07:07:04

    the app has to adjust to your cycle, it may be sometimes on point or a few days sometimes even a week, it just takes a while before it gets ur scheduled

  • Gaby Campos

    Gaby Campos

    2020-03-17 19:20:32

    mine was 12 days late and I just got my period last year so dont worry

  • Lucy Maysho

    Lucy Maysho

    2020-03-20 17:41:26

    thank you.❤🔥

  • Lucy Maysho

    Lucy Maysho

    2020-03-20 17:41:42

    okay thank you.❤

  • Lucy Maysho

    Lucy Maysho

    2020-03-20 17:41:58


  • Marissa Otto

    Marissa Otto

    2020-03-21 01:02:54

    You’re so welcome girl ❤️❤️❤️

  • Abby Riley

    Abby Riley

    2020-03-23 07:56:53

    Before you turn 16 its not a big deal to miss a period... ive already talked to my doctor. after 16 if it continues then talk to your doctor.

  • Kimmie Kay

    Kimmie Kay

    2020-03-30 04:46:52

    sometimes my be 4 days early or late no worries it's natural for this to happen.. its adapting your menstrual life

  • Kiara Torres

    Kiara Torres

    2020-04-18 13:45:47

  • Savannah


    2020-04-29 17:27:51

    if your not pregnant, then it's just late which is normal in the first couple years of having a period

  • Savannah


    2020-05-12 04:10:35

    you have or haven't lost your virginity?

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