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Extraordinary Chandelier

A Noiva, which translates as ‘The Bride’, is the name of a five metres high chandelier made by Joana Vasconcelos. Looking at it from a distance, you wouldn’t even notice it’s made of tampons. The Bride is one of the most striking creations in the oeuvre of the Portuguese artist, who was born in Paris in 1971.

XXXL-size art with 25,000 tampons

She wanted it to carry out a feministic stand in a playful way, and make people think about the taboos concerning the female sexuality and women’s place in society. Vasconcelos used 25,000 tampons for the gigantic piece of art, which she created between 2001 and 2005. She is no stranger to using products associated with women for her XXXL-size art works. For example Marilyn, three metres long silver shoes, which were made out of stainless steel pans and lids. Varina (35 by 15 metres), a textile installation that was draped from a bridge in Porto (Portugal), had thousand women crocheting for six months.

‘Sexual works aren’t appropriate at Versailles’

In 2012 Vasconcelos exposed in the Palace of Versailles. But not all her creations were allowed at this exhibition. The conservative organisation Coordination de la Défense de Versailles had a problem with her work and censored the gigantic chandelier. Spokesman Baron Roland de l’Espée called the artist ‘the queen of Tampax, pots and pans.’ His message: ‘Sexual works are not appropriate at Versailles.’ The Bride was not allowed in.

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