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Cleaning The Ayurvedic Way

In Ayurveda, a system of Hindu traditional medicine, Vata is one of the three ‘doshas’ (biological energies found in the human body and mind). It consists of the elements space and air.

Vata arises in the pelvic region. It’s an energy that controls all movement in mind and body, like blood flow, the nervous system and breathing. During the menstruation, Vata dominates the two other doshas and takes care of the shedding of the uterus lining. Also waste products are eliminated from the body. This clean-up isn’t only physical; both before and during the menstruation hidden emotions and thoughts can rise. This way, the mind can let go of unnecessary and burdensome emotions and thoughts.

7 tips

You’ll find more interesting articles about menstruation in relation to traditional eastern medicine on Margaretha Den Dekker’s (Dutch) website There you’ll also encounter these seven tips to support the physical, emotional and spiritual clean-up during your menstruation:

  1. Rest and relax.
  2. Don’t get into any emotionally charged situations.
  3. Protect your (lower) body from cold and wet conditions.
  4. Exercise, but take it easy.
  5. Try to take deep breaths.
  6. Eat easily digestible meals with ingredients that support circulation, detoxification, and digestion. For example: beetroot, egg-plant, celery, asparagus, green vegetables, seaweed, mung beans, adzuki beans, turmeric, parsley, and coriander leaves.
  7. Don’t eat (too much) cold and raw food, meat or dairy. And stay off the alcohol, tobacco, coffee and refined sugar.

On the website you’ll also find loads of recipes. For example one of a chocolate cake that’s rich in fibres and magnesium: ingredients that are good for your body when you’re menstruating.

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