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7 Menstrual Masterpieces

In order to raise money for menstrual health and education, NFCC International and Bushtember Foundation have organised a silent auction, called Menstrual Masterpieces. Various artists have donated their work, which ranges from red paintings to pictures of menstrual fluid in water. Everyone can participate in the online auction which runs until Thursday, October 15.

From the left to the right: Fighting fire with fire’ by Sarah Maple, ‘St. Urszula’ by Urszula Kluz-Knopek, ‘A source of light in the darkness so shall you provide the source of life’ door Miguel Ovalle, ‘Empower Equality’ door Ann Lewis, ‘Fibroid Rose’ door Leola, ‘Part of the moon’ door Dru Blumensheid and ‘Ribbon dance’ by Jen Lewis.

All proceeds of the auction will be used to provide menstrual products and education on menstrual health to women and girls in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and the United States.

To visit the auction, learn more about the artists and their work go to:

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