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Peeing With Tampon In: Yes/No*? (*Delete As Necessary).

Do you need to remove a tampon before you pee? Not necessarily as you pee through a different opening: not your vagina, but your urethra. Do make sure to move the string to the side to prevent it from getting wet. Hot + wet = ideal conditions for bacteria.

It could be that it’s a bit harder to pee with a tampon in. Your bladder is located pretty close to your vagina. Just before and during the menstruation almost all women have a slightly swollen lower tummy. The tampon also takes up some space and this could press on the urethra. To resolve this problem, you could insert the tampon a bit further or pick a smaller size, with less absorbency.

Peeing more often

Don’t worry if you need to pee more often during your menstruation. That’s completely normal. It has to do with the pressure on the bladder and/or urethra (see above) and with the fact that you retain more water before your period. Once you start menstruating, this fluid is being released.

Pooping with a tampon in is something not all women can do; some also push out the tampon when they try. However, all should be able to pee without losing the tampon. If you can’t, you’ve either not inserted the tampon far enough or the tampon was completely saturated with blood, meaning it was time for a new one anyway.

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