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This Is The Sexiest Lingerie For Every Body Shape

Shopping for lingerie can be overwhelming, and far more tiring than your full-time job! Not only do you have to find the right size, fabric and colour, you also have to choose the style that suits you best.

As women, we need to feel confident in the set we’re wearing, so, to make your life easier, here are five styles that’ll make every woman feel sexy, no matter your body shape or how risqué you want to be in the bedroom…

1. Bra and panties

The best starting point for all body shapes is the bra and panty set. The bras in these sets are designed to accentuate (and reveal – if that’s more your vibe) your bust, while the panties include everything from G-string and Brazilian to crotchless (wink).

2. Corsets

A sexy modern take on garb from yesteryear, corsets are designed to give your waist shape and your bust focus. They’ll cinch your middle (no more worries about wobbly bits) and draw your partner’s eyes to the areas you want to be looked at…

3. Chemise

Made from sheer, delicate fabrics, the word chemise originally meant shirt and, in essence, this is what it is. Why we really love it? Its non-figure-hugging shape means you look crazy-sexy without having to reveal everything or fret about any niggling insecurities. Plus: You decide what you wear (or don’t wear) underneath…

4. Body stocking

While body stockings and chemises are similar in concept, they’re also different in a couple of key areas. While a chemise is loose-fitting, a body stocking is figure-hugging – designed to accentuate your form. Also, body stockings are often sheer… for that sneak peek effect. Want to reveal all your hard work at the gym? Then this is the one for you.

5. Garter set

We’re all familiar with the garter belt – worn around your waist with suspenders for keeping those thigh-high stockings in place. What’s great about garters is their versatility – they can be worn with any of the above sets, or on their own. Love.

Ready to play dress-up this Valentine’s Day? Check out the Desir Valentine’s gift guide and choose from their range of some of the sexiest lingerie in SA. Bonus: If you’re still not sure about the best style for you, Desir’s client concierge team can guide and advise you (or your partner) on what would work best for your body shape. Get in touch with them via phone, live chat or face-to-face at their Camps Bay showroom.

Make this Valentine’s Day the sexiest one yet: shop the Valentine’s range here.

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