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Running Wise: 5 Tips

Feeling sore and miserable when you’re on your period? According to the experts of Runner’s High and Glow Magazine that’s exactly the right time to put on your trainers. While running, your body creates endorphins which help to ease the pain. Also running can help against PMS. It takes your mind away from your physical symptoms, gives you energy and the endorphins that are released don’t just ease your pain, they also improve your mood.

The variation in hormone levels can affect your performance. Oestrogen and progesterone interact and sometimes work counter-productively, which can influence your exercise performances. Research shows that most athletes aren’t influenced negatively by their cycle. A minority (13-30%) even claims they perform better when they’re menstruating. Endurance athletes seem to be on their best just after their menstruation, while sprinters (and athletes doing other interval-type exercise) peak just before or during their menstruation.

5 Tips

1. Wear the right sports bra. Your breasts can be more sensitive during your menstruation, so give them some extra support.
2. Use tampons, menstrual cups or sponge tampons. Sanitary towels and panty liners can cause chafing and even lead to vaginal infections.
3. Feeling under the weather? Skip the hardcore interval training or hill session and go for an easy run.
4. Listen to your body. During the first days of your period you can have a shortage of iron, as you are losing blood. Feeling dizzy and weak? Take a break.
5. After your run treat yourself to a nice cuppa tea and some dark chocolate for extra endorphins.


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