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Happy Valentine’s Day

Giving chocolate for Valentine’s Day is such a cliché. Unless… you choose for chocolate with a secret weapon. Menstrual chocolate so to say, with added ingredients such as cramp-fighting herbs, magnesium and other things that are actually good for menstruators. Possibly the best way to express your love, respect and understanding on February 14. Attention chocoholics, here are a few options.

By bitches, for bitches

BitchFix Chocolate. Because women can be a bit bitchy, well, every 28 days or so. The handmade treats from this Californian label come with hilarious names, such as Down Under, Seeing Red, Hormonal Harmony, Crampin’ Crunch and Leaf Me Alone. Of course there are also special Valentine’s offers, like the My Bitchy Valentine box (photo), and it’s possible to get a monthly subscription. Even sweeter than the chocolates themselves: Bitchfix Chocolate donates 10% from all sales to help spay and neuter at-risk dogs.

No need to feel guilty

At the newly-opened Moon Cycle Bakery you can already pre-order. Even though the chocolates probably won’t arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, you’ll profit from a 10% discount with the code ‘HELLOMOON’. Choose for indulgent treats such as the Matcha Coconut Bite, the Raspberry Black Bean Brownie with Primrose, or the Chocolate Cup sweetened with Ginger and Honey, and enjoy them without feeling guilty, as they’re made of ingredients that are actually good for you when you’re in your moon time. Gift certificates are also an option. Taking care of your health can definitely be a treat.
(Photo above by Poppi Photography).

World’s first

Swiss chocolate has a worldwide reputation of being really good chocolate. Renowned Swiss chocolate maker Marc Widmer is probably the first chocolatier in the world who has made a special chocolate bar for menstruating women. Frauenmond is made of really dark chocolate (70% cacao), with twelve herbs, magnesium and a dash of mandarin. According to Widmer and his business partner, herb specialist Claudia Juma, the sweet treat helps to fight menstrual cramps. We can’t wait to find out.

Meanwhile in Japan…

The Japanese tradition of giving chocolate to the boys you really fancy especially occurs on Valentine’s Day. Often the girls make the chocolates themselves. And apparently cocoa isn’t the only ingredient added with love… Also menstrual blood is used in the making of these ‘honmei’ chocolates. At least according to the Japanese website Naver Matome. Honmei choco with this secret ingredient should result in a reciprocated and lifelong love. Naturally, this belief isn’t new. Already for centuries, things thought to have special powers, such as fingernails, hair and blood, are used in witchcraft and voodoo rituals. On witchcraft fora you can find intriguing discussions about whether it’s okay to give your lover these very personalised edible gifts or not.

Enjoy your chocolate!

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