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Poem In Praise Of Menstruation

Poem in Praise of Menstruation, by Lucille Clifton

If there is a river
more beautiful than this
bright as the blood
red edge of the moon if
there is a river
more faithful than this
returning each month
to the same delta if there

is a river
braver than this
coming and coming in a surge
of passion of pain if there is

a river
more ancient than this
daughter of eve
mother of cain and of abel if there is in

the universe such a river if
there is some where water
more powerful than this wild

pray that it flows also
through animals
beautiful and faithful and ancient
and female and brave

Lucille Clifton

Most important aspects in the works of the American writer and poet Lucille Clifton-Seyles (1936-2010) were the African-American heritage and feminism with a special accent on the female body. Her first poetrycollection Good Times (1969) was chosen by The New York Times as one of the best ten books of the year. Her series of children’s books about a little black boy started with Some of the Days of Everett Anderson (1970). From 1985 till 1989 Lucille Clifton was professor of literature. She died in 2010. Poem in Praise of Menstruation can be found in the posthumous collection The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton (2012).

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