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Forget what you have been taught. Relax and look at my work with an open mind. Do you consider what you see pretty or ugly?’ Visual artist Jen Lewis invites people to look at menstruation blood in a different way.

Together with her husband Rob Lewis she captures macro images of her menstruation blood mixing with water for the series Beauty in Blood. ‘Remember when you were a child and used to dream away when looking at cloudy skies. Isn’t this similar?’

Jen Lewis studied History of Art at the University of Michigan. Rob Lewis is a self-taught photographer and film maker. The crimson red pictures and videos have been exposed at dozens of group exhibitions in the US and Sweden.

On the artist’s website you can order prints, framed pictures and greeting cards. If you want to add a truly one-of-a-kind artwork to your collection, you van commission Beauty in Blood for your very own menstrual portrait.

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