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5 Festival Survival Tips

Boomtown, Glastonbury, Bestival, Creamfields, Boardmasters, Latitude and Green Man. In other words: it’s the start of the festival season again. And yes, of course you’re heavily menstruating exactly when your favourite festival starts. Nice… not. Take advantage of these festival survival tips.

1 Don’t wear white? 
A period stain is no need for embarrassment. However, if you don’t want your outfit ruined because of a heavy flow in combination with long queues for the Portaloos, better not wear white. Play it safe and pick dark colours or something with a hysterical pattern so leakage stains won’t be noticed. Always a good idea: take something to tie around your waist. Like a sweater, blouse or a shawl.

2 Take enough
This might seem logical, but you never know. It’s an easy mistake to make. So play it safe and take twice the amount of tampons or sanitary pads that you think you’ll need. If you don’t need them, a festival friend who has miscalculated might. Also take an extra set of clothes. Better safe than sorry.

3 Keep it clean
Grass fields, mud, beer, sweat, French fries, grasshopper burgers and other festival food: you might want to consider washing your hands before changing a tampon or sanitary towel. It’s a small effort. You’ll be waiting for the loos anyway.

4 Choose your secret weapon
Even if you’re no fan of intimate wipes, this might be the time to embrace them. The average Portaloo doesn’t come with a fountain. There’s no need to walk around with a whole pack of wet wipes, just carry one or two in a small plastic bag. This will fit into even the tiniest of pockets. That way, you also have something to store used tampons in until you can find a bin.

5 Bring out the big guns?
It’s always a good idea to change your tampon or sanitary towel every four hours. Also if you’re at a festival. But there are sanitary products that can be kept in for longer without the fear of leakage or health risks. A sponge tampon for example, or a menstrual cup which can be left in for a whole night. Both products take some getting used to. Make sure to practise at home before wearing them to your favourite festival.

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