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7 Reasons To Consider Just A Cup

So you’re thinking of using a menstrual cup. But which one to choose? That’s a very personal decision. Especially because there are dozens, if not hundreds, different brands of cups out there. Here are seven reasons to consider a Just a Cup.

  1. You get menstrual health education

How do you know that puberty has started? What’s exactly in your menstrual blood? What contraception methods are there? On the Just a Cup website, you can find all kind of educative material on periods, puberty and fertility. Plus of course all the information you need about your menstrual cup. Like how to insert it, how to clean it and, very important, how to remove it again. There’s even a step-by-step instruction video. No need to Google or ask your friends.

  1. There’s a ‘buy one, give one’ scheme

Many women and girls in developing countries can’t afford sanitary products. When you buy a Just a Cup menstrual cup, you automatically also donate one to a girl in need. Together with the cup that’s given on your behalf, the girl also receives access to educative material on menstruation and follow-up support. For this, Just a Cup works together with NGOs. These non-profit organisations are part of the local communities. Therefore they understand the challenges, such as the cultural understanding of menstruation and the local myths, misconceptions and taboos, that come with addressing this sensitive issue in Africa. However, period poverty is also an issue in developed countries. That’s why Just a Cup has just partnered up with the French association Règles élémentaires, to help create awareness.

  1. Cup parties allow conversation about menstruation

You might think your menstruation isn’t exactly a reason to party. However, these parties aren’t about cake, presents and bubbly. Just a Cup’s cup parties are meetings where women gather to discuss menstruation. They also receive training by local women on how to exactly use the menstrual cup, which is epecially important in countries were education on and conversation about menstruation is almost non-existent. Through holding these cup parties, which is currently already done in Zimbabwe, local women can generate an additional income and become entrepreneurs. Now that’s definitely a reason to celebrate!

  1. They’re a brand with women at the centre

  1. It’s good for the environment

Disposable sanitary products like tampons and pads create a lot of mess. Literally, heaps of it. Every cycle, a woman throws about 25 hygienic products in the thrash. That’s around 325 tampons or sanitary pads a year. In ten years of menstruating, you’ll have used 3250 disposable products. Since a menstrual cup is reusable, you only need one which can last up to ten years. This makes the cup a way more environmentally friendly alternative. This is especially important in developing countries, where waste management is often lacking, with the absence of an efficient waste collection leading to people burning or burying their trash.

  1. It can be better for your personal health

Instead of absorbing fluid, like tampons do, a menstrual cup collects the blood. Therefore it doesn’t dry out your vagina or affect its pH, which means less chance of itchiness or irritation. Most menstrual cups are made of 100% medical silicone, which means they don’t contain any added chemicals. In other words: with a cup you can say goodbye to pad rash.

  1. It’s comfortable

You don’t feel a thing during use (if it’s inserted correctly), there’s no need to change it every four hours and nobody can see you’re wearing one. This makes the menstrual cup a product that’s ideal for exercise, a day in the sauna or a trip to the swimming pool. It’s also comfortable for your wallet; despite the higher initial cost, a menstrual cup works out cheaper after already less than a year. Just one cup, that’s all you need to manage your menstruation.

Bonus reason: 25% discount

Buy a Just a Cup before the end of December 2019 and receive 25% discount on your purchase, so you only pay € 24 instead of € 32. Just use the discount coupon code ‘Sharingiscaring-period!’ when placing your order.

Mail & win!

Would you like the chance to win a Just a Cup menstrual cup? Send an email with the subject ‘Just a Cup’ and your name and postal address to redactie <@> before December the 31st. The winner will be notified by email. Only for Period! readers in the EU, sorry!

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