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Weed Against Cramps (2)

Menstrual cramps? And don’t feel like taking a paracetamol or ibuprofen? Weed also helps. Ease your cramps with a few drops of cannabis oil, by drinking some marijuana tea or smoking the right type of pot.

Inspired by the article about the cannabinoids-containing vaginal suppository? Unfortunately Foria Relief  is only available in the US. The same applies for the recently launched female-focused cannabis products from Hollywood Star Whoopi Goldberg and California entrepreneur Whoopi & Maya. Those not living in Colorado or California have to try something else against their menstrual cramps. In the UK, medicinal cannabis still isn’t legal, but in certain other countries, such as Canada and Uruguay, it is.

In the Netherlands, even growing a maximum of five marijuana plants of your own is tolerated and a gram of weed can be bought in a coffeeshop. Next time you’re visiting friends in Holland and are on your period, you could for example make your own weed butter and use this to bake a chocolate cake. No star in the kitchen? Here are three other ways to use weed against menstrual cramps.

1. Cannabis oil

Weed oil is one of the most common ways to use medicinal cannabis. A big advantage (according to some people) is that with cannabis oil you can prevent getting high, for example if you only use CBD oil, a variety without THC. Also, the exact dose can easily be measured out in single drops.

A lot of cancer patients use cannabis oil as a pain reliever with a relaxing effect. But it also helps against menstrual cramps: one up to three drops of oil a day, put under the tongue, should be enough. Living in the UK and want to know more about using cannabis in a medicinal way? Check out the medical marijuana website.

2. Marijuana tea

Tummy pain or cramps? A nice cuppa tea always helps. And weed tea probably does the trick even better. Already used to cannabis? Mix half a gram of finely chopped buds (or good quality leaves) with half a teaspoon of butter and put this into a metal tea ball. Let simmer for half an hour in hot (not boiling) water and enjoy.

Not that used to cannabis or just not in the mood for a strong tea? Add a few crumbs of weed to your normal tea leaves and put this into a metal tea ball. Add hot water, some milk and honey, and kiss your cramps goodbye.

3. Smoking weed

Smoking is not the best idea if you’re suffering from menstrual cramps. But if you insist on smoking a joint, make sure to use the right type of marijuana. Cannabis specialist Simone Fischer writes on The Weedblog that indica-dominant strains are best against menstrual cramps or PMS. Weed basically consists of two types: indica, which relieves pain, and sativa, which causes you to get the munchies and roll around on the floor laughing.

Fischer’s top five against menstrual complaints and PMS: Obama Kush (if you’re suffering from pain , cramps and a grumpy mood), Black Cherry Cheesecake (for immediate pain relief), Blue Dream (if you still need to keep a clear head), Dutch Treat (if you’re suffering from hormonal mood swings) and Purple Urkle (if you’re in excruciating pain and suffer from terrible cramps).

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