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Health problems like heavy menstrual bleeding or severe menstrual cramps, month after month. Derogatory comments like ‘she’s probably on her period’ or ‘I bet it’s PMS’ while you’re doing mankind a favour by menstruating (no menstruation, no babies). Notes saying you aren’t allowed to enter a temple or mosque because of ancient taboos. Menstruating women have experienced it all. Have you noticed anything special? Does something annoy you? Do you want to share your personal period story? This is your chance.

Occasionally there’s room for submissions from readers in the category Quotes. Both on (in Dutch) and (in English). It’s the ideal opportunity to give your opinion or share your story. Interested? Email your text document (600-1,200 words) to redactie<@> It can be a journalistic contribution, a personal experience, an essay or even a poem. The most important rule: it has to be about menstruation. Don’t forget to add a short author bio and a picture of yourself.

Good to know
Period! can only place articles or contributions without a commercial goal. The article can only contain links to a website from a non-commercial organisation. Of course we will mention your name, link it to your blog or website, and promote your story on Facebook and Twitter. By sending in your work, you automatically allow us to shorten or edit your article if necessary. If that’s the case, of course we’ll let you know beforehand.

Photo: Green Chameleon via Unsplash.

For inspiration:
A very public menstrual leak, by Sarah Sahagian
Dear Period, by Yayeri van Baarsen
Me & My Cycle, by Mariette Reineke
Period changes and chemotherapy, by Cruz Santana
A time for celebration, by Robyn Jones

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