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Toxic Tampon (1): Asbestos?

They contain toxins and cause TSS. At least, that’s what rumours say. Are tampons really that dangerous or do people make a big fuss about nothing? Period investigates the matter, based on a Patient Alert of the American Food and Drug Association (FDA), the organisation that’s responsible for protecting and promoting public health.

The allegation: tampons contain asbestos Some websites claim that manufacturers add asbestos to their tampons. This would cause women to bleed heavier and would thus increase the sale of tampons.

The FDA says: that’s nonsense ‘Asbestos is not an ingredient in any US tampon, nor is it associated with the fibres used in making tampons. Manufacturing sites are subject to inspections which would likely identify any procedures that would expose tampons products to asbestos. If any tampon product was contaminated with asbestos, it would be a crime. We have no reports regarding increased menstrual bleeding following tampon use.’

Period! adds: the rumour is untrue Luckily, this is an urban legend. The FDA is right, tampons do not contain asbestos. The email which this story is based on, presents Dr. Stephanie Baker as the author, expert and source of this rumour. However, this Dr. Baker declared she didn’t write the email and that the information in it is untrue.

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