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The Perfect Period Starter

How to make a period arrive when it is late? Well. This question – posted on – provided a stream of hilarious responses. A few of the hundreds of tips, comments and solutions.

Wear your most beautiful panties
‘I have come across the solution! You can wear pads/tampons for days and it will not come. But there is a way to make it arrive! And it’s super simple. Stop using any period products on the market. Wear a pair of underwear you’re rather fond of. Go to bathroom. You will discover that your favored undies are no more. Problem solved. Sigh.’

Buy a pregnancy test
‘Every time. No fail. My period can be late as hell. But the minute I buy a pregnancy test and it comes up negative, an hour later my period shows up like nothing happens. One time my period literally started while I was peeing on the stick. Ridiculous. Thanks for nothing Uterus.’

‘That happened to me at the doctors office. She wanted to take a urine sample because I hadn’t had my period for about a month and even though I took an at home test, she wanted to be sure. Go to the bathroom, pull down my pants and bam, blood! Wasn’t pregnant and myself and the doctor had a good laugh.’

Have sex
‘Sex. Just have some good vigorous sex, and you will bleed all over your partners penis. Edit: This has happened to me many times with multiple partners.’

Or a bus ride
‘Holy shit. 24 hr ride to Florida = period starter. I mean, what the hell. I had to keep going to to the bathroom every 5 seconds.’

Do all at once
Step 1: Ride motorcycle to middle of desert/mountains
Step 2: Make sure at least 10-20 minute ride from anything that could resemble a store
Step 3: Also make sure there is no available bathroom in sight
Step 4: Drink yourself silly so much so, you would be unable to fetch any girly products you might need
Step 5: Piss in the wilderness and use one of your last napkins to wipe
TADAAAAHHHH…there’s your period.

‘Got mine as I was reading this. What the hell. But thanks?’

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