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The Period Blog Post Top-3

Number 1: Help! My tampon hurts

If a tampon has been inserted correctly, you shouldn’t feel it. Not even when you jump around a lot. So if you do feel the tampon, or if inserting it hurts, there’s something wrong. But what’s the matter? Help! My tampon hurts comes to the rescue with possible causes and solutions. This isn’t the only tampon article that attracts masses of readers though. Also Can a tampon get lost inside me?, Deflowered by a tampon?, and Peeing with tampon in: yes/no? are super plus popular. And of course Tampon lessons for beginners, a mini course with lots of tips and tricks for first-time users.

Number 2: Painful sanitary pads?

It’s known that tampons can sometimes feel uncomfortable. But also sanitary pads can cause pain or discomfort. Why does this happen? And how to solve it? Painful sanitary pads? offers a practical step-by-step plan that answers the question: should you just try a different product or brand or is it time to pay your GP a visit?

Another post about sanitary pads that’s read a lot is Good Question. We’re curious: did you know the answer? Whenever we hold a menstrual quiz or give a workshop on location, it’s alarming how many people give the wrong answer!

Number 3 (drumroll…): sex!

It’s pretty funny. In most conversations about having sex during the menstruation, almost everybody reacts disgusted. Bah! But apparently thinking about period sex isn’t so uncommon after all. Because already for years Sex + menstruation? is in the top three of our best read articles. Runners up are blog posts about other sensitive issues like Can you swim on your period? and Is menstrual blood dirty?. Want to know what to keep in mind when having sex on your period? Check it here. Yes, that can be done anonymously.

Soon the answer to another good question: do menstrual products have an expiration date?

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