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You'Re Not Pregnant. It'S Just...

You're not pregnant. It's just...

Here is a review of other symptoms of pregnancy and their possible causes:

Lower Backaches: This could be explained by pending menstruation, stress, strains, injury, poor sleeping habits, or improper lifting.

Headaches: Alternative causes include dehydration (common), caffeine (common), withdrawals, pending menstruation, eye strain, stress, and other ailments.

Frequent Urination: Some alternative explanations include urinary tract infections and diabetes, both of which would warrant consulting your primary care physician regarding treatment. Other potential causes include an increase in liquid intake or the use of diuretics.

Spotting: Spotting or light bleeding could be caused by pending menstruation, altered menstruation, change in hormonal birth control, infection, or an abrasion from intercourse.

Food Cravings or Aversions: This symptom might be attributed to poor diet, lack of nutrients, stress, depression, anxiety, certain illnesses, or pending menstruation.

Darkening of Areolas: This pregnancy symptom has fewer alternative causes. However, it could be the result of a hormonal imbalance or the residual effects of a previous pregnancy.

As you can see, each of the signs of pregnancy can be explained by other causes. If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, it is best to wait until you miss your period before taking a pregnancy test.

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  • Julie Tucker

    Julie Tucker

    2019-12-23 00:40:15

    no sexual partner equals no pregnancy 🤣😂

  • Mary ellen Harper

    Mary ellen Harper

    2019-12-29 00:16:15

    Wishing get pregnant

  • Kida Savage

    Kida Savage

    2020-01-16 15:24:16


  • Brooke Patterson

    Brooke Patterson

    2020-01-19 02:34:15

    I've had these symptoms and also am a week late with my period. Testing tomorrow.

  • Brooke Patterson

    Brooke Patterson

    2020-01-19 14:34:10


  • Lashaya Rogers

    Lashaya Rogers

    2020-01-23 01:16:55

    Like what ... negative

  • Lashaya Rogers

    Lashaya Rogers

    2020-01-23 01:17:13

    This is bs

  • Alexis Darden

    Alexis Darden

    2020-01-23 15:37:29

    but what if u get three positive test before your period is due

  • Marylena Mukete

    Marylena Mukete

    2020-01-23 16:12:02

    lol girl you pregnant 🤣

  • Alexis Darden

    Alexis Darden

    2020-01-23 17:16:14

    is that wat it is this my first one so I'm clueless

  • Marylena Mukete

    Marylena Mukete

    2020-01-23 17:23:25

    yup.. it's very rare to get a positive pregnancy test.. and if you took it right before your period is due, you're more than likely pregnant because it's best to take a test before your period is due..

  • Alexis Darden

    Alexis Darden

    2020-01-23 18:24:45

    ohh wow I'm hoping and praying I have all the symptoms too thank you

  • Chequetta Nelson

    Chequetta Nelson

    2020-01-24 15:21:32

    What does it means when you are having cramps off and on after four days of you having sex?

  • Cheyenne Nykole

    Cheyenne Nykole

    2020-01-29 15:50:38

    Well I’ve had all of these symptoms and I’m 54 days late in my period but every pregnancy test comes out negative. Idk what to do at this point. Because the symptoms are not pms at this point. Thinking about going got the doctors to see what’s up

  • Leighann Cliser

    Leighann Cliser

    2020-01-29 15:58:30

    I’m 9 days late and getting these symptoms...taking a test this weekend

  • America Castro

    America Castro

    2020-01-29 18:10:50

    What about breast leaking milk without being pregnant?

  • Michelle M

    Michelle M

    2020-01-30 21:13:04

    michelle and I think that we don't have to go to the world and the Republican primary and we have to go to the polls and I think it's not juss said that the world is going to do it right now and then we will be in the world and I think it is going on in a different experience than the other states and the state of Florida is going to do it in the same group

  • Roxx De Lozano

    Roxx De Lozano

    2020-02-01 16:12:09

    please don't tell me it's true I'm too young

  • Mercedes Fitzpatrick

    Mercedes Fitzpatrick

    2020-02-01 16:17:54

    i think im pregnancy

  • Shaniko Thomas

    Shaniko Thomas

    2020-02-01 16:21:27

    I'm 12 days late no period, negative test

  • zeltar storm

    zeltar storm

    2020-02-01 17:26:26

    I was almost two weeks late.. I took 6 tests that all came out positive with a few of these symptoms.. but I started my period two days ago and the tests at the doctors came back negative.. I don't understand and I'm having a really hard time

  • Ana Nava

    Ana Nava

    2020-02-01 19:42:55

    are you pregnant?

  • JarQko Sąwììnka

    JarQko Sąwììnka

    2020-02-02 10:23:25

    i want to ask if i had unprotected sex and now diddnt get ma period i did a test its negetive what can be wrong with me ?

  • Ebony Davis

    Ebony Davis

    2020-02-02 15:30:38

    period 5days late but negative test

  • Kris Clark

    Kris Clark

    2020-02-12 06:37:28

    my period like clock work an its 5 days late an iv taken a test each day an it's still all negative 😢

  • Ashli Nance

    Ashli Nance

    2020-02-16 19:02:04

    My period was a month late took two pts and they both came back negative. My period came or some bleeding for four days. I still feel nauseous all day and the lower back pain is killer. Crossing my fingers I am pregnant with twins. I plan on taking another pt again and if its negative I will be making a doctor's appointment to see why I feel sick with lower back pain

  • Taylor sarra

    Taylor sarra

    2020-02-16 20:16:15

    im 19 days late negative

  • Tiffany Graham

    Tiffany Graham

    2020-03-07 23:18:51

    I been nauseaus and actually throwing up like every other day my boyfriend been getting sick off the smell of certain foods my period is currently 9 days late....I'm nervous and currently slightly cramping

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