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See How This Mom Handles Going Into Labor During An Exam

The closer you get to your due date, the more you probably wonder about when and where you'll go into labor. If you start to get worried, know that less than one in 1,000 moms go into labor and can't make it to the hospital in time, and remember there's nothing you, your body and your mind can't handle.

Just look at this expecting mama, 21-year-old Tommitrise Collins of Macon, Georgia, who was taking a psychology exam on a computer when she went into labor. And she continued typing all the way up until her contractions were three minutes apart – the third and final phase of labor!

Because the test was only available on that day, Collins told Fox 5 she was determined to finish so she could enjoy her time with her newborn. And that she did! She even postponed taking any pain medication until she finished, and she ended up with a B. And it only took her an hour and a half, though it was a two-hour exam.

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