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Mixing things up this Friday and sharing some resources for all my fellow infertility and IVF warriors. After you have been trying to get pregnant on your own and finally get sent to a fertility specialist, I felt like I was thrown into a whole new world. Thrown in the deep end with no life raft. It’s a struggle when so much information is thrown your way so quickly you can’t even absorb it all. I was writing on sheets of paper, taking notes in my iphone and constantly feeling like I was forgetting some important piece of information during my doctors appointments. The thing that really helped me gain knowledge was reading books. While I did spend alot of times on the online forums, which the doctors will tell you NEVER to do, the forums were really hit or miss for real information. I am one of those people that is fed through knowledge. The best way for me to cope and get through each step of the process was having as much information as possible. These are the four books that I read before my first round of IVF. I wanted to share them with you and let you know which were helpful and which were not. For me, infertility is something that touches my life every second of every day as we continue to fight for our family. Anyway I can help those struggling gives me the strength to continue the fight. After so much struggle with IVF, I feel like I need to write a book to share our story and help others along the way. Would you read it? We will see. Also if anyone has any book suggestions, I am always looking for more. Please leave them in the comments below for all of us to check out.

  1. Get A Life: His & Hers Survival Guide to IVFThis was by far my favorite book. Written by a couple going through IVF, the unique aspect of this book was that it was written with both a female and male perspective of the process. I felt like I was right there with her going through each step. Commiserating together. She gives some great advice from their experience and I found myself re-reading chapters before different parts of my treatment cycle.
  2. It Starts With The EggJust what the title suggests, this book dives VERY deep into everything you can be doing to help with Egg quality. This book is very scientific and I found it hard to read at some points. It was a great resource on taking a look at toxins in my life and many other strategies to get the best eggs possible. If you are into really granular information, this is a great read for you. At times I felt this book to be a little bit judgemental and I was feeling like I wasn’t doing enough to better my egg supply. A different kind of read but I would also suggest it to get a different perspective on fertility.
  3. The Couple’s Guide to InVitro FertilizationIt’s marketed as a “friendly guide book” and this was just that. An easy read helping you navigate through the IVF process.
  4. IVF: A Patient’s GuideAnother quick read. This is another guidebook and I loved the charts/graphs in this one.

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