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The Most Unusual Baby Names By State: Did Yours Make The List?

When you’re choosing your baby’s name, you might try to find one that has symbolic meaning or one that’s been in your family for generations. Or you might just want to pick one that’s not all that common. If the latter applies to you, you’ll be interested by a Nameberry analysis on the most rare baby names by state.

A researcher for the website compiled every name given at least 100 babies in 2015 for both boys and girls. Then he calculated the percent of babies born with that name in every state and ranked them to find the most unusual baby names in every state and the District of Columbia.

Many of the results make a lot of sense for their states:

  • Utah: Nearly a quarter of all baby boys named Brigham born in the U.S. were born here — likely a nod to Brigham Young, one of the first leaders of the Mormon church who spent much of his life in Utah.
  • New York: Yiddish names Shimon, for boys, and Faigy, for girls, were popular. That’s not surprising, given almost a fifth of all Jewish people in the U.S. live in New York City.
  • Washington: Cedar is now more common among girls but also given to boys in this state — and the Western Red Cedar is one of the most common trees in these parts.
  • Montana: The boy’s name Bridger may be a nod to the famed “mountain man” Jim Bridger in a state known for its gorgeous peaks.
  • Vermont: There are six native species of wren in the woods of Vermont; coincidence it’s a favorite unique baby girl name?
  • Louisiana: Little girl’s name Jolie — French for pretty — may be a nod to the area’s Creole heritage.
  • Oklahoma: The baby girl name Gentry has some real cowgirl in it, something Oklahomans know a bit about, yet it has a regal meaning: “aristocracy.”

Here’s the full map for baby girl names by state.

And here's the maps for boys.

See the full list of baby names to find out what’s popular in your state — and maybe even get some inspiration for your baby!



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