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Eating Well During Pregnancy Week By Week

Eating well during pregnancy will not only help you manage the changes and pregnancy symptoms heading your way, it will also help you grow a healthy baby. From tips for healthy weight gain to advice on planning meals throughout your 40 weeks, these articles will help guide you through your pregnancy diet—pickles, ice cream and all!

First Trimester

Weeks 1 and 2: Preconception Diet
Begin your eating-well campaign even before you conceive and you'll be doing yourself (and your soon-to-be embryo) a favor.

Week 3: Fertility Diet
Baby-making (and building!) is like a marathon -- you need the right foods to fuel your run. Here's the lowdown on nutrients you need now to help you conceive.

Week 4: Caffeine During Pregnancy 
How to enjoy a cup of coffee while also setting healthy limits.

Week 5: Food Aversions During Pregnancy
What's going on in your pregnant belly (and what can you do about it?) when you can't stomach your former favorites?

Week 6: Combating Queasiness During Pregnancy
How to knock out nausea and morning sickness nibble by nibble

Week 7: Food Substitutions During Pregnancy
How to find food substitutes for former favorites when they've suddenly struck out

Week 8: Food Cravings During Pregnancy
Whether it's pickles and ice cream or pesto and papaya, pregnancy cravings can do a number on your taste buds.

Week 9: Energy Foods During Pregnancy
How to boost your pregnancy energy levels the old-fashioned way

Week 10: Relieving Constipation During Pregnancy
It may not be something you want to talk about at parties (or anywhere), but irregularity is certainly a regular part of pregnancy. Here are some ways to make it go away.

Week 11: Best Foods to Eat While Pregnant
Twelve superstar foods that should headline in your pregnancy diet

Week 12: Weight Gain and Eating Right
Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to pregnancy weight gain.

Week 13: Foods to Avoid When Pregnant
Sure, what you eat is important when you're making a baby — but just as important is what you don't eat

Second Trimester

Week 14: Nutrients That Make a Baby
Baby's counting on you for every bite. Here are a few nutrients you can count on to deliver, big time.

Week 15: Smart Shopping and Healthy Eating
Healthier eating during pregnancy starts with smarter shopping, so it pays to know all the aisles of your grocery store (not just the snack food shelves).

Week 16: Planning Meals
How to break the meal-skipping habit now that there's a little someone else depending on you for regular feedings

Week 17: Eating Out for Two?
Good nutrition for pregnant women is almost always on the menu — though in some restaurants, you'll have to look a little more closely to find it.

Week 18: Eating Vegetarian and Vegan
Pregnant women can live by vegetables alone — as long as there's protein somewhere in the mix. Here's how to get the protein (and a few other key nutrients) you need without sacrificing your vegetarian principles.

Week 19: Herbal Remedies, Supplements, and Teas
Herbal preparations promise all-natural solutions to some of the symptoms of pregnancy — but natural doesn't always spell safe.

Week 20: Relieving Gas During Pregnancy
Why are you suddenly producing more gas than OPEC? Learn how to avoid paying the high price of gas during pregnancy.

Week 21: Iron Supplements
It's easy — and oh so important — to get enough of this vital nutrient without even breaking a sweat.

Week 22: Gaining Too Much Weight During Pregnancy
Is your bathroom scale on the fast track these days? Here's why you should apply the brakes, and how to do it safely.

Week 23: Eating Well on a Budget
Counting your pennies doesn't have to mean scrimping on nutrition. Here's how to save on food during pregnancy.

Week 24: Eating Organic During Pregnancy
Should you spring for the extra cost of organic foods? And what does organic mean, anyway?

Week 25: Not Gaining Enough Weight During Pregnancy?
For once, it's not only okay to pack on the pounds — but vital. If you're having trouble putting on enough, here's how to ramp up your pregnancy weight gain.

Week 26: Too Busy to Eat Healthy?
Simple strategies for making the Pregnancy Diet fit your schedule, instead of the other way around

Week 27: Safety in the Kitchen
Avoiding risky foods is only half the challenge during pregnancy — your food is only as safe as your own handling and cooking habits. So handle, and cook, with care.

Third Trimester

Week 28: Eating Fish While Pregnant
If it tastes like fish, it's a tasty dish – but is it a safe one during pregnancy? Here are the fish facts.

Week 29: Good Fats vs. Bad Fats: Pregnancy and DHA
You've no doubt heard of good fats and bad fats. Well, step up and meet a truly great fat: DHA.

Week 30: Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy
Good ideas for turning midday munchies into nutritional noshes.

Week 31: Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy
Which pastel packets, sugar substitutes, and artificial sweeteners to pick during pregnancy

Week 32: Foods for Cold and Flu During Pregnancy
How to baby yourself (and your baby) when you're bugged by a cold, flu, or other everyday illness

Week 33: Drinking Enough Water While Pregnant
Take a moment (or eight) to raise your glass to a healthy pregnancy.

Week 34: Calcium Supplements During Pregnancy
Kinder, gentler sources of calcium for those not in the milk mustache club

Week 35: Eat to Ease Pregnancy Swelling
Don't blame the salt for those puffy feet — they're a normal part of pregnancy. Here are some ways to ease edema.

Week 36: Heartburn Relief During Pregnancy
Pregnancy hormones cause the ring of muscle that separates the esophagus from the stomach to loosen, causing prenatal heartburn. Learn how to put the fire out.

Week 37: Benefits of Protein During Pregnancy
Not just another pretty face, protein is one brainy baby-maker.

Week 38: Memory During Pregnancy — Your Brain on Choline
Lost so many brain cells, you're afraid you'll leave the baby on the bus? Choline to the rescue!

Week 39: Foods That Induce Labor
Is there any truth to rumors that certain foods could hasten the arrival of labor day?

Week 40: Eating During Labor
Once the contractions kick in, should you take all food off the table?

Week 41: Losing the Pregnancy Weight
You haven't delivered the baby yet, but you may already be starting to shed pounds (or at least ounces). What's up with that?

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